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New Season!
Closer To Truth
Cosmos, Consciousness, God

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Closer to Truth brings together leading scientists, scholars and artists to debate the fundamental issues of our times. Get Closer To Truth with the  public television series, companion book, home videos, audiotapes, this  Web site and the unique HyperForum. [more]

New Season!
Closer To Truth
Cosmos, Consciousness, God

Why is Quantum Physics So Beautiful? 
Quantum physics describes how the world really works, from the minuscule microstructure of atoms to the cosmic macrostructure of the universe. Quantum physics may seem like fantasy--or magic--because quanta don't behave like anything you're familiar with.
If you think "Quantum Physics" sounds too difficult, unfortunately, it's even worse than that. [more]


Want to Know How the Brain Works?
Three Caltech professors discuss recent research developments.

Can We See The Near Future - 2025?
What will tomorrow really be like? Human beings are fascinated by the future. Join author Dr. David Brin in discussing the "The Odd Way We Design our Destiny" ...more

Can We See Peace in the Near Future? - In thread # 9, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf joins Dr. Brin, Kevin Kelly and others debating how we must respond to the threat of terrorism if we are to have world peace ...more
Is There A Scientific Basis For Parapsychology?  Parapsychology is often derided as a pseudoscience, but can it, in fact, pass the same tests as ordinary science?  Dr. James Bonomo from RAND leads a discussion of what some parapsychology experiments have already demonstrated, and what more might be required of them to gain acceptance ...more
Music and Art in the Schools? - The United States spends only a tenth to a fiftieth per capita on public support of the arts compared to that spent by other major industrial nations. Join in as moderator Dr. Robert Freeman argues the question, "Why Public Funding of The Arts?" ...more
What are the Grand Questions of Science? - Caltech's Dr. David Goodstein suggests that perhaps we have it all backwards; maybe we only find out what the Grand Questions are after we've discovered the Grand Answers. What do you think? ...more

Will the Internet Change Humanity? - Compare the Internet to the car and the printing press. Could Gutenberg have predicted the scientific revolution? Moderator Dr. Robert Lempert takes a middle road on the long-term significance of the Internet ...more


Daily News Stories

The universe is destined to end. Before it does, could an advanced civilisation escape via a "wormhole" into a parallel universe? The idea seems like science fiction, but it is consistent with the laws of physics and biology ... [more]
Jared Diamond's compelling study, Collapse, asks why societies suddenly disappear -- and what it means for us ... [more]
Karen F Schmidt asks: in a world awash in pollutants, what exactly is our obligation to protect the health of the unborn? ... [more]


Current Hot Topic

Can We Believe in Both Science and Religion?
The Skeptics President takes on a professor of Christian philosophy and the President for the Center for Islam and Science. [more]


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