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New Season!
Closer To Truth
Cosmos, Consciousness, God

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Stay tuned... new program schedule coming with the start of a new season beginning late 2002 or early 2003.

View listings between Jul 25 and Aug 8.
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Additional stations and air times coming soon.

While waiting for our exciting new website and new series, the first season of CTT can be seen on these non-commercial television systems, in streaming video, or by ordering VHS cassettes.

CUNY-TV - Operated by the City University of New York, CUNY-TV offers a distinguished schedule of educational, cultural and public affairs programming. Visit CUNY-TV's website at 
www.cunytv.cuny.edu for the program schedule.

L@36 - The Los Angeles Cable Television Access Corporation is a community based non-profit organization that manages and programs the interconnected citywide educational cable channel 36 in the greater LA area.

The Research Channel is a consortium of some of the world's leading research institutions and organizations whose common goal is to more widely distribute research information to the public, both nationally and internationally.  Through its Web site, HDTV and Echostar Satellite Dish Network, TRC presents video programs dedicated to broadening the access to and appreciation of our individual and collective activities, ideas, and opportunities in basic and applied research.

RETN - The Regional Educational Television Network is a local producer and provider of media for learning in the Vermont Champlain Valley community.  RETN, Channel 16 on the Adelphia Cable System will run Closer to Truth on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 pm and repeating at 5:30 pm.

The Stanford Channel - The Stanford Channel delivers broadcast-quality programming to a San Francisco area audience of AT&T Broadband subscribers.

UCSD-TV Emmy Award-winning station serves the San Diego community with regionally focused programs that enrich understanding of new ideas and key issues in public affairs, health, science, humanities and the arts. Each day of the week offers programming on a different subject. Programs are broadcast on the Internet at UCTVonline.org and throughout North America on UCTV, available on Echostar Satellite's Dish Network.



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